M i r t a  A L V A R E Z   ( A r g e n t i n a ) - T a n g o  G u i t a r  c o n c e r t i s t

Tango guitar soloist, arranger and professor, Mirta ALVAREZ holds her guitar since 8 years old.

Coming from Buenos Aires, Mirta studied in the Popular Music School of Avellaneda as a Senior Instrumentalist of Popular Music with a specialization in Tango Guitar and Folklore Guitar, student of Argentine Master guitarists Aníbal Arias and Kelo Palacios. She is now a teacher in the same institution as Senior Guitar Professor, teaching Tango guitar, Tango History and Apreciation.

She enriches her formation by researching and analizing the tango history and listening, also practicing tango dancing as an element of interpretation, admiring the improvisation that the dance proposes.

In her aesthetic researching, she interprets her own arrangements, adapting the most remarcable orchestras to her guitar, proposing a dialogue between music and poetry, through instrumental and sung versions, from “the Guardia Vieja” to Astor Piazzolla, incorporating her own compositions.

Mirta has been participating in prestigious national and international festivals of South America « Festival de Guitarras del Mundo » (Argentina, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2015), directed by Master Juan Falú, « Festival Internacional de Guitarra » (Mexico, 2008), Brazil (2008, 2009), Chile (Festival Entre Cuerdas, 2010) Perú (PeruGuitarFest, 2011, 2016).

She also has been invited in Europe: Spain, where she participated in the « Festival de Tango de Granada » (2009, 2015), « VI Festival de Tango de Almería » (2009), « II Festival de Guitarra Maese RODRIGO » (Sevilla, 2009), « Fundación Andrés Segovia » (Linares, 2009), « Semana de la Guitarra de Petrer » (Alicante, 2009, 2010, 2015), « XII Festival de Guitarra de Girona » (2010), Finland (Tampere Guitar Festival, 2011, 2016), Estonia (Tallin Guitar Festival, 2011, 2016), Germany (Passau, Jazz Festival, 2009), Austria (Augustiner Museum Rattenberg, 2009) and France.

She participated in several Tango and Folklore bands directed by Rodolfo Mederos and Kelo Palacios, and also in chamber music formations with Mayumi Urgino (violinist), Jessica KUHN (cellist), Fabrizio PIERONI (pianist) and Rodolfo COLOMBO (guitar player).

She also accompanied great voices as Susana Rinaldi and « Dúo Salteño », Néstor Fabián, Cardenal Domínguez. She participated as a sideman in different albums like "Gauchos Modernos" with Javier Sánchez, "Versos de Amor" Tucumán Cuatro, "Divinitus 21 Tangos" with Alejandro Caputo, and recently in Susana Rinaldi's "Conmigo" (2015).

After her first album, "Mirta Alvarez guitarra" (2006), where she plays a folklore and tango repertoire, she exclusively hold a tango repertoire in her second album "Tango, seis caminos de amor" (2011). In 2016, she presented with Fabián Carbone her first dúo album "Sentido", a tribute to Anibal Troilo and Roberto Grela.

Mirta Alvarez is considered one of the most authentic and brilliant interpreters of tango and Argentinian folk music.